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Burst through the barriers to your success with expert martial arts instruction at an affordable cost. Learn self-defense, weapons, board breaking and more. Improve your balance, coordination, discipline, focus and fitness with our comprehensive programs conveniently located near you.


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Why martial arts?

Read these articles to gain insight into the many benefits of martial arts training for all ages.

Martial Arts Connecticut (Life Arts LLC) reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. In accordance with Tang Soo Do and general martial arts principles, it is our responsibility to refuse service to anyone who abuses their martial arts training. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who exhibits conduct or attitude detrimental to themselves, their classmates, community or Martial Arts Connecticut's classroom environment.  Learning Tang Soo Do Karate is a privilege reserved for those individuals who conduct themselves with respect, integrity, responsibility and adherence to rules and regulations set forth in the Martial Arts Connecticut student handbook.  Only students who follow guidelines and Tang Soo Do tenets, including treating their instructors and peers with dignity and respect will be allowed to train at Martial Arts Connecticut.  Determination of eligibility is at the discretion of the Chief Instructor.

We do not use student contracts and we do not give refunds for missed classes.